I feel like I need to catch up. Yesterday, I posted about the day prior, and today… I’m going to post about yesterday and some of today. Does that make any sense at all? Wellllll…kind of.

Actually home.

A L O N E.

Never happens. I always have a kid attached to my hip (which 9 times out of 10 I love) mimicking my every move.

Moving on.

Ran into Sam’s Club yesterday because I needed meal prep containers (hi, 50 of them for $8? YES). We all know very well that when we go into a store, we’re never going to get just what we came for. I’m guilty. I’m also guilty of loving Diet Mountain Dew. Shame on me. That’s a story for another time.

Actually faired pretty well. Got a lot of my staples and I kept it all under $100. Ok, maybe it was $100.56, but the kid saw some marshmallow things and they were pretty cool, so I bought them. #soft

Pretty spiffy lady was sampling out some Mesquite Grilled Chicken filets. I hesitated and then realized, I was “kind of” hungry. I tried one. It was so good. And MOIST. Threw that in the cart. $11 for 3lb of FULLY cooked chicken? Yay for quick, easy to grab.

Avocados (healthy fats), tomatoes, spinach, lemons (use as a dressing), bottled water (basic), half and half (i’m far too frugal to buy heavy cream), pickles (they’re life), and some Vanilla Premier Protein (i add it to my iced coffee in the afternoons — SO good).

I also like to throw a little bit of the Premier in the littlest’s cup once in awhile. It quickly turns into, “Mama, I want my caramel miiilk.” Welp, ok. If it is going to keep you full for a bit, sure! *before you go and judge.. we’re talking like 1/4 cup to some almond milk. Just enough to flavor.

My children eat non-stop. No doubt. You’d think I was feeding two grown bodybuilders. Nope. Totally a two and seven year old with appetites for healthy food that is higher than the sky.

❤ Proud Mom ❤

Below you will find pictures of my haul…. and of my meals. Enjoy ❤


In the beginning…

Sitting here, attempting to put my thoughts into words whilst watching “Sofia the First” with my two year old — is proving to be a little more difficult than I had foreseen. Adapt and overcome? Got it.

I’m really into meringues right now. Like REALLY into them. Not to eat them (although I will master a ketogenic version so I can gobble them down), but to design and gift them to some very deserving first grader’s at the big kid’s Valentine’s Day bash.

I’m that Mom.

The perfectionist. The one with OCD. The one that would love for her kids to help with their school projects, but her OCD is so bad, that she just cannot let any control go. Because, well, if it’s not perfect, it can’t go out the door. I’m working on it, but it’s not making any drastic changes anytime soon. I’m cool with it. My kids seem cool knowing that Mom will pull through and make sure everything goes without a hitch.

If this kid doesn’t stop screaming in my ear, I’m going to explode.

Sunshine. Snow. It’s so bright outside. Woo sa, take a deep breath, count to 37 million and don’t get annoyed that you can’t stop the whining. Damn molars. Literally. Two. Two is such a fun age –said absolutely no parent ever. Been there, done it–got the gray hair.

This blog is about life. And squirrels because ADD. Ha-ha. I made a joke. It’s really about life, balance, and everything I’ve done to lose 80+ pounds on a flexible ketogenic lifestyle. See, I finally got to the POINT. Only took you 24 minutes of reading my squirrelly thoughts.

Gonna just go ahead and list what I had to eat yesterday because it’s really interesting and it gives you an idea of JUST HOW easy this lifestyle can be. Although, I’m fairly certain I actually took pictures of every meal I ate. Does that mean this is a pLog? Whatever. Pictures mean more than words sometimes. I’ll attach those below with descriptions in the caption.

I’ll also write more later. As it is time to scrub more dishes and cuddle with my boo bear, but if I hear about these damn pink butterflies on this show anymore, I’m gonna crap myself.

Eggs and Cheese topped with Mayo and Sriracha
Shredded lettuce, full fat sour cream, tomatoes, taco meat, cheese, and sriracha AKA Taco Salad
Homemade Valentine’s Day Peppermint Meringue Kisses ❤